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Ombudsman’s Conflict of Interest?

Posted in Ombudsman, Regulatory enforcement
The Republic reported that advocates for the elderly are objecting with Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s choice of Barbara Hickert to be the state’s long-term care ombudsman, raising concerns that consumers’ best interests will be ignored, and abuse and neglect will be covered up.  This is the third person coming from the nursing home industry to hold the… Continue Reading

No Supervision in Iowa

Posted in Ombudsman
Critics and health care experts fear that Iowa Governor Terry Branstad’s relationship to the nursing home industry will cause premature deaths of vulnerable and disabled elderly.  Disability Rights Iowa, which is part of a national network of advocacy groups established by Congress in the 1970s, published a scathing, open letter to Branstad, questioning the governor’s lax supervision… Continue Reading

Public Outcry Can Prevent Abuse and Neglect

Posted in Advocacy, Ombudsman, Staffing
Jim Patterson wrote an enlightening commentary for The Register-Guard in Eugene, Oregon about the widespread abuse and neglect in long term care facilities.  Below are excerpts: Every day an elderly resident in an assisted living facility or nursing home in Oregon is neglected or abused. Usually little is done to stop it. If a resident or… Continue Reading

GAO Report about Investigating Complaints

Posted in Ombudsman, Regulatory enforcement
MCKnight’s Long Term Care News had an article about the new GAO report .  The report concludes that substantial evidence mandates more oversight from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Servives specifically with investigating complaints.  Nursing homes self-report so the data is inherently unreliable.   … Continue Reading

WSPA’s State of Care

Posted in Advocacy, Medicare, Ombudsman
Diane Derby at WSPA did a 7 On Your Side Investigation called State of Care that reported the problems that families like the Sextons have with Magnolia Manor-Inman.   Dorothy Sexton was a resident at Magnolia Manor-Inman, a nursing home owned and operated by Sparks, Maryland based Fundamental Long Term Care Holdings, L.L.C. Sexton’s family who… Continue Reading

Florida Governor Rick Scott Helps Campaign Contributors

Posted in Ombudsman
Consumer advocates and industry experts are calling for an investigation into Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s  dismissal of Florida Ombudsman Brian Lee claiming that the governor’s “interference” was illegal.  Federal and state laws prohibit political interference with and retaliation against the ombudsman.  Lee, who had held the post for seven years, previously worked under Republican Govs.… Continue Reading

The Termination of Ombudsman Independence

Posted in Ombudsman, Regulatory enforcement
McKnight’s had an article about the tragic case of Brian Lee who was fired by the infamous new governor of Florida Rick Scott.  Lee was fired as the director of Florida’s Long-term Care Ombudsman Program (after seven years) for doing his job.  He requested ownership information from nursing homes that are given tax payer funds through Medicare… Continue Reading

How to file a Complaint

Posted in Ombudsman, Regulatory enforcement
The L.A. Times had an article about options when a loved one gets injured at a nursing home or hospital.  The California Department of Aging received 43,000 nursing home complaints in 2009. Some alleged patient abuse or neglect; others reported missing items. And some commented on the quality of the food. "There is growing public… Continue Reading

Finding the Right Nursing Home

Posted in Choosing a nursing home, Ombudsman
This guest post is contributed by Kitty Holman, who writes on the topics of Nursing Degrees . She welcomes your comments at her email Id: The New York Times had an article about the process of choosing a nursing home for your loved one. This can be a long and difficult process for people,… Continue Reading

Role of Ombudsman in Nursing Homes

Posted in Ombudsman, Regulatory enforcement, Staffing
I was reading an article in the Herald Democrat about the importance of ombudsman in advocating for nursing home residents.  Unfortunately, the ombudsman in South Carolina are understaffed, underbudgeted, and without any power and authority.  It is rare they get involved when a family complains and it is very rare that they conduct a proper… Continue Reading

Elder Abuse more common than people realize

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Ombudsman
BakersfieldNow had an interesting article on the prevalence of elder abuse in nursing homes.  The article cites an investigator and ombudsman for the elderly.  They stated elder abuse in the nursing home industry happens more often than people know. Nona Tolentino is an ombudsman for the elderly.   Tolentino’s job is to investigate cases of suspected elder abuse… Continue Reading

Role of Ombudsmen in nursing homes

Posted in Ombudsman, Regulatory enforcement
The Dallas News had an article about the role that Ombudsman’s office has in advocating for nursing home residents.  The article stresses the importance of their role and the breadth of their power and responsibility. However, it all depends on the State’s funding and the specific Ombudsman’s knowledge of the regulations and standard of care.… Continue Reading

Reforms proposed by Ombudsman’s office

Posted in Ombudsman, Regulatory enforcement, Staffing
The Hartford Courant has an article about proposed reforms in nursing homes by the Connecticut Ombudsman’s office.  I wish the South Carolina Ombudsman’s office would play a proactive role in protecting resident’s care and preventing neglect.  Below is a summary of the article. Connecticut’s long-term care ombudsman is proposing reforms in oversight that would protect residents… Continue Reading

When can nursing home evict a resident?

Posted in Ombudsman
Description of Federal Requirements The federal regulation (483.12) articulates rights that the resident has related to admission, transfer, or discharge, some of the procedures facilities must follow, and records they must keep. The definition of transfer and discharge here applies to movement to a bed outside the certified facility (including differently licensed beds in the… Continue Reading