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Increase RN Staffing in Nursing Homes

Posted in Staffing, Trial themes
Help Increase RN staffing in Nursing Homes: Ask your Congressperson to Co-sponsor 24-hr RN Bill Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky has introduced a bill  - H.R. 5373 - calling for nursing homes to have a registered nurse (RN) on duty 24 hours a day/7 days a week! Currently, federal law only requires nursing homes receiving Medicaid and/or Medicare funding … Continue Reading

Treatment in Nursing Homes Harms 1/3 of its Patients

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
A recent NPR article by Ina Jaffe reported on the failing state of the nation’s long term care facility. In the article, Jaffe noted that many of theseshortcomings and harm to patients come from poor training and short staffing; these problems are nothing new to this industry.  Jaffe’s report follows the story of the death … Continue Reading

Nonprofit Nursing Homes in New Jersey Outperform For-profits

Posted in Advocacy, Tort Reform, Trial themes
Everyone who works or studies the nursing home industry knows that nonprofits and mom and pop operators provide better care than the national for profit chains.  Numerous studies support this conclusion. According to the NJ Spotlight, the performance gap between nonprofit nursing homes and for-profit nursing homes is quite distinctive. The analysis is based on … Continue Reading

Nursing Homes Confused Over What Abuse to Report

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Trial themes
Though it’s the third most regulated business in the country, nursing homes still fall short in reporting incidents and abuse.  Intentional policy of cover up or poor training? According to a report done by The Anniston Star, which surveyed state nursing home inspections for Calhoun County in Alabama, nursing homes are confused over what they … Continue Reading

Abuse Caught on Tape

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Regulatory enforcement, Trial themes
Staten Island Live has a video and a story about an abused vulnerable adult.  Peter Mazza, a beloved husband, father and grandfather, wanted to spend his final years living with dignity in the comfort of his Oakwood home. Instead, Mazza’s last months before his death in June at age 99 were traumatic and terrifying.  Home-health aides … Continue Reading

Nursing Homes Responsible for Contractors

Posted in Advocacy, Trial themes
The Des Moines Register reported that Life Care Services and a California nursing-home company called ParkVista that manages nursing homes across the country has agreed to help pay a $3.8 million settlement for alleged over-billing of Medicare, federal officials announced.  Life Care Services and ParkVista were involved in an “arrangement” (read as criminal enterprise) under which a … Continue Reading

Put A Registered Nurse in the Nursing Home Act

Posted in Staffing, Trial themes
The New York Times’ fantastic blog “New Old Age” had an article on the lack of registered nurses in nursing homes.  The article explains how the lack of nurses contribute to the poor quality of care in understaffed facilities.  Studies have repeatedly pointed to the importance of registered nurses. With higher registered-nurse staffing, patients have fewer … Continue Reading

Financial Fraud

Posted in Regulatory enforcement, Trial themes
McKnights reported that Michael A. Horowitz was the criminal mastermind of a financial fraud that victimized nursing home residents.  He has admitted wrongdoing and will only pay $850,000 in a settlement, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced.  Horowitz, a broker, devised a scheme in which wealthy investors bought annuities that paid out when nursing home residents died. … Continue Reading

“Worthless Services”

Posted in Trial themes
McKnights had an interesting article about Oxford Health & Rehabilitation Center’s frivolous argument to escape charges that it provided “worthless services,” a federal judge ruled in a False Claims Act case. The Mississippi nursing home, its former owner and certain affiliated organizations are facing charges of billing government health programs for “non-existent, grossly inadequate and materially substandard, worthless, … Continue Reading

False Claims Act

Posted in Medicare, Trial themes
In another story of Medicare fraud, a Seattle doctor admitted filing approximately 900 false claims.  John C. Chen could face up to 45 years in prison because he defrauded the government.  Many of the 900 claims were submitted for patients who were deceased.  Other claims were submitted when he wasn’t even in the country.  See … Continue Reading

Reign of Terror

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Trial themes
One nursing home in England could more accurately be called a house of terror after it was confirmed by a panel that nursing home manager, Christina Peacock, created an atmosphere of oppression and violence. The panel found that allegations against Peacock were true, some of which include graphic descriptions of Peacock using violence against residents. … Continue Reading

“Frighteningly Common”

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Trial themes
A woman in her 70s was the victim of sexual assault at the hands of another resident. The Dr. Vernon Fanning Centre, run by Carewest, said the assault was an isolated incident. An 83 year old male resident was found in the woman’s room, and she indicated that an assault occurred. Ruth Adria of Elder … Continue Reading

Not For Profit Status Challenged

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Trial themes
The Ledger reported that a lawsuit alleging that neglect and mismanagement led to a woman’s death was filed in July against Lakeland Hills Rehabilitation Center, two past administrators of Lakeland Hills Center and companies involved in its management.  The suit says Barbara J. Seabron, who died last year, was neglected and developed medical problems, including bedsores, urinary tract … Continue Reading

Dear Abby Letter

Posted in Trial themes
According to The Daily Journal, one nursing home resident is finding a voice in an open letter that her daughter wrote to Dear Abby. “Dear Caretaker, It is true I have grown older. My body won’t do what it used to do. My eyes aren’t as bright, and sometimes I have trouble finding the right … Continue Reading

Ensign and Medicare Fraud

Posted in Medicare, Trial themes
The Ensign Group Inc. reached a $48 million settlement with the government over allegations that they committed Medicare fraud. The Ensign Group Inc. is a California nursing home management company which runs homes in 10 states. Two former employees filed whistle-blower lawsuits against the home under the False Claims Act, which allocates a portion of … Continue Reading

Refusing to Cooperate

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Regulatory enforcement, Trial themes
The Daytona Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center could face a $50,000 fine after refusing access to records they claim are protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. On July 3, it was discovered that a 75-year-old woman with dementia had a sexually transmitted disease. This discovery naturally led to the concern that the … Continue Reading

Hindering Investigation into Sexual Assault

Posted in Trial themes
The Daytona Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center in Tallahassee, FL. reportedly hindered an investigation into a 75 year old woman’s sexual assault. The home is owned by NHS Management, LLC.  Brian Lee, director of Families for Better Care, said, “Actions by this nursing home and its owners are potentially endangering the dozens of other residents … Continue Reading

Legislation Requiring Round-the Clock RN Coverage Introduced in Congress:

Posted in Staffing, Trial themes
    The Consumer Voice applauds the introduction of H.R. 5373, the Put a Registered Nurse in the Nursing Home Act, introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky on July 31st. The bill would require all nursing homes receiving Medicare and/or Medicaid reimbursement to have a registered nurse (RN) on duty twenty-four hours per … Continue Reading

UHS-Pruitt Changes Name to PruittHealth

Posted in Trial themes
After 45 years in the health care industry, UHS-Pruitt Corporation has changed its name to PruittHealth.  While the name may have changed, unfortunately the care and services have not.  The community can expect the same services that the facilities have always provided. Neil L. Pruitt Jr., chairman and C.E.O. of PruittHealth stated: “With this rebranding, … Continue Reading

Lifestyle Paid By Medicaid

Posted in Trial themes
Maxcine Darville and daughter JoAnne Carter may not be names you’ve ever heard of. But these innocuous sounding names bely the business acumen that led these two to operate a nursing home and the criminal enterprise which led them to defraud the government of $3 million. The two pled no contest to grand theft charges, … Continue Reading

Medicare Fraud in Lab Billing

Posted in Medicare, Trial themes
The Wall Street Journal had an article about Medicare Lab Billing.  Medicare allowed $1.7 billion in 2010 payments to clinical laboratories for claims that raised red flags, according to a report to be released, the latest example of how the federal insurance program for the elderly and disabled is susceptible to fraud and abuse.  The report, by … Continue Reading

Delay in Treatment for Stroke

Posted in Trial themes
My Fox Tampa Bay reported that Rachel Mobley, administrator of Grace Manor at Lake Morton allegedly refused to allow a staffer at the facility to call 911 for an elderly resident suffering severe eye pain. She is charged with neglect of an elderly person, which is a second degree felony. Kristal Stowell, a worker at the home, … Continue Reading

Racketeering in Nursing Home Industry

Posted in Trial themes
The Times News reported that Avi Klein and three other people who owned and operated a now defunct nursing home in Scott County were indicted on racketeering and healthcare fraud charges.  See indictment here.  The charges stem from the operation of  Brian Center, which was also known as Continium Care of Weber City before it ceased operations … Continue Reading