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Supporting Family Decision Makers for Nursing Home Residents

Posted in Advocacy, Trial themes
JAMA published another study regarding the necessity and effectiveness of communicating with resident’s family members. The study showed how better training can lead to better communication and improved quality of care. The intervention was conducted at the nursing home level; it involved enrolled family decision makers viewing an 18-minute goals of care video decision aid… Continue Reading

Canada’s Nursing Shortage

Posted in Staffing, Trial themes
The Ottawa Citizen reported the shortage of nursing staff is affecting the quality of care in Canada’s nursing homes.  “A study by SafeCare BC found 60 per cent of long-term residential care homes that participated in the survey have a worker shortage, and it is particularly acute on Vancouver Island, with 78 per cent of care… Continue Reading

Dementia Rate Declines

Posted in Dementia Care, Trial themes
Fox News had an article about the declining rate of people suffering from dementia.  A new study released shows the rate of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias in adults aged 65 and up dropped to about 9 percent in 2012 from nearly 12 percent in 2000, continuing a decline noted in earlier research. Led by University… Continue Reading

Genesis Expanding

Posted in Tort Reform, Trial themes
Genesis Healthcare, one of the nation’s largest for profit nursing home chains, purchased five nursing homes from Revera Inc. in Vermont.  Genesis owns about 200 facilities in New England and more than 500 nationwide. Short-term rehab patients (generally staying for up to 100 days) make up about 15 percent of all patients and many are young… Continue Reading

OIG To Analyze Therapy Billing

Posted in Medicare, Trial themes
HHS OIG Work Plan 2017 states that health officials will analyze Medicare reimbursements and therapy billing in nursing homes during fiscal year 2017.  “Previous OIG work found that SNFs are billing for higher levels of therapy than were provided or were reasonable or necessary,” the report reads. “We will review the documentation at selected SNFs… Continue Reading

“Is there any way someone is hanged on a bed rail without neglect?

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Fall Prevention, Staffing, Trial themes
KARK investigative reporters had an incredible expose on a recent case in Little Rock, Arkansas.  “In this KARK exclusive, Working 4 You delves into the death of Clara Hoyt, the laws on what nursing homes are required to report and who is held accountable when facilities aim to keep families in the dark on suspected… Continue Reading

Conflict of Interest?

Posted in Nursing home cases in the news, Trial themes
What the heck is going on in Arkansas? Rosey Perkins and Rhonda Coppack, daughters of the late Martha Bull of Perryville, have sued nursing-home owner Michael Morton and former state Sen. Gilbert Baker, a lobbyist and political fundraiser.  The sisters contend the men conspired to bribe former Circuit Judge Michael Maggio to lower a Faulkner County… Continue Reading

Grane Healthcare Under Investigation

Posted in Nursing home cases in the news, Staffing, Trial themes
WJACTV reported that a consumer protection lawsuit was filed against Pittsburgh-based Grane Healthcare Co., which manages and operates 12 skilled nursing facilities statewide, as a result of an investigation by the attorney general’s health care section. Attorney General Bruce R. Beemer accuses Grane of misleading consumers by failing to provide basic services to elderly and… Continue Reading

Quality Care Matters

Posted in Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
A new study from Penn Medicine (Hip Fracture Patients Fare Best during Recovery in High-Occupancy Nursing Homes with Higher Level Physician Staffing), which compared outcomes in different types of acute and post-acute care facilities, suggests that for older adults hospitalized with hip fracture, the quality of the post-acute care they receive has a greater impact… Continue Reading

“Maggots are not the result of a dirty environment or unprofessional care.”

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Staffing, Trial themes
The National Post reported that employees of West End Villa nursing home owned and operated by Extendicare Inc. discovered that maggots had infested a resident’s leg wound, landing the woman in hospital, horrifying her family and triggering a police investigation. The discovery – flies laid eggs and larvae hatched in the sore before anyone noticed – raises… Continue Reading

Jane Doe

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Staffing, Trial themes
NBC showed photos taken inside Woodcrest Health Center in New Milford, New Jersey, show a vulnerable resident was left to sit in her own feces with excrement smeared across her face.  The horrific neglect by Woodcrest and its parent company, Care One (a New Jersey nursing home operator with dozens of facilities across the Garden… Continue Reading

Diverting Pain Medication

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Medications, Staffing, Trial themes
The Belleville News Democrat had an article about Trisha Cleveland, a nursing home employee that pled guilty after she was arrested for making false reports to get hydrocodone at a local nursing home.  Police said the Medicaid Fraud Control Bureau had been contacted in April by staff at Four Fountains Convalescent Center  regarding allegations that Cleveland diverted… Continue Reading

Whistle-blowers Awarded $29 Million

Posted in Medicare, Nursing home cases in the news, Trial themes
The FCPA blog which focuses on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act had a great article on two whistle-blowers–Tammie Taylor and Glenda Martin formerly worked for Life Care Centers of America Inc.  Life Care is based in Cleveland, Tennessee and owns and operates more than 220 skilled nursing facilities across the country including South Carolina. These heroic… Continue Reading

Inflated Staffing Levels

Posted in Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
PennLive has a great tool to determine if a specific facility inflated their staffing numbers.  “Based on an extensive national analysis, PennLive found that nearly half of nursing homes across the nation appear to be significantly inflating their registered nurse staffing levels on Nursing Home Compare.” To examine discrepancies for yourself, you can use PennLive’s… Continue Reading

“Materially substandard nursing services”

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Advocacy, Medicare, Trial themes
The following is a release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office: Daybreak Partners, LLC, a holding company for a number of subsidiaries that operate and manage skilled nursing facilities throughout Texas, has agreed to pay $5,300,000.00 to resolve allegations that they billed Medicare and Medicaid for materially substandard nursing services.  The skilled nursing facilities are operated… Continue Reading

Occupancy Levels Decline

Posted in Advocacy, Medicare, Trial themes
The National Real Estate Investor had an interesting article about declining occupancy levels at nursing homes.  Occupancy levels at nursing homes around the country have hit 82.2 percent, a five-year low for the skilled nursing profession, according the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC). A notable drop in skilled mix, the industry… Continue Reading

Life Care Center’s Settlement with DOJ

Posted in Medicare, Trial themes
Forbes had an article on the recent settlement between the DOJ and Defendants Life Care Centers of America, one of the nation’s largest nursing home chains, and its billionaire owner Forrest Preston.   Life Care and Preston have agreed to pay $145 million to settle a government lawsuit alleging that the firm had knowingly overbilled… Continue Reading

“He died a painful 13th-century death”

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Trial themes
MSN reported the lawsuit filed against Revera Nursing Homes after a woman says her father died from an infected bed sore that went unnoticed and festered into an oozing stage-four ulcer.  Lori DeKervor’s father, Arthur Ross Jones, was taken to hospital in May 2014 after being found unresponsive in his room. Ross fell twice at the facility but was never examined by… Continue Reading

Another OmniCare Kickback Scheme

Posted in Advocacy, Medications, Trial themes
The District Sentinel reported on the U.S. Department of Justice’s settlement with OmniCare, Inc. which is the nation’s largest nursing home pharmacy making billions a year.  OmniCare will pay $28 million for its role in a massive kickback scheme perpetrated by drug manufacturer Abbott Laboratories dating back six years. “Omnicare solicited and received kickbacks from Abbott… Continue Reading

The Importance of Audit Trails

Posted in Discovery issues, Trial themes
By law, every nursing homes using computerized medical records must have a system that can generate a log or audit trail showing not only every electronic entry, but every access of the electronic record.  The audit trail prevents the alteration of the records without leaving a telltale trail behind. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)… Continue Reading

“Shame on Shlomo”

Posted in Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
Jeff Graham visits his 77-year-old mother every Sunday at Pacific Rehabilitation and Wellness Center in Eureka.  Graham was one of about 20 people who gathered to protest Brius Healthcare Services’ plans to close the facility and two others in Eureka, which would result in nearly 150 patients having to be moved out of the county… Continue Reading

Reliant Senior Care Holdings Settlement

Posted in Advocacy, Medicare, Trial themes
CBS Pittsburgh reported the $2 million settlement with Reliant Senior Care Holdings related to claims of failing to provide basic services to their customers.  The company operated 22 skilled nursing facilities throughout Pennsylvania from 2012 to the present. An investigation revealed Reliant left its facilities understaffed, making workers unable to help those living there with such basic needs… Continue Reading

Left Alone During Hurricane Matthew

Posted in Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
CBS News reported the tragic death of David Outlaw who drowned in a puddle, pinned underneath his wheelchair after being left alone at the height of Hurricane Matthew to smoke outside his South Carolina nursing home, National Health Care facility in Columbia. A nurse told deputies that she left him unattended in a courtyard to smoke.  A… Continue Reading