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Should NH Employee Wages Be $15 an hour?

Posted in Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
The Times Online reported that raising the minimum wage even beyond a proposed $10.10 per hour would help the state’s nursing home workers care not only for themselves and their families, but also older residents, according to a new report from the Keystone Research Center.  The economic think tank in Harrisburg has called for the… Continue Reading

Why Video Cameras Are Needed

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, senior care, Staffing, Trial themes
Ozarks First reported that John Carrier is accused of sexually assaulting a woman described by the Nixa Police Department as being under legal guardianship and of diminished mental capacity.  The Christian County prosecutor has charged Carrier with sodomy and rape of a resident in the nursing care facility where he worked.  A probable cause statement in the… Continue Reading

Covering Up Sexual Abuse

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
KOMO News reported the disturbing story of one nursing home’s attempts to cover up sexual abuse of its residents.  The KOMO 4 Investigators uncovered reports that detail nurses and staff at Cashmere Convalescent Center witnessing a number of cases of a patient in the dementia ward sexually abusing other residents.  The abuse started in mid-January… Continue Reading

REITs and Nursing Home Industry

Posted in Choosing a nursing home, Tort Reform, Trial themes
Ventas Inc. announced that it would spin off 355 skilled nursing facilities and outpatient recovery centers into a new real-estate investment trust, the latest sign of the growing interest in highly specialized medical properties, which carry risk but have the potential for high returns.  The new company could have a market value of more than… Continue Reading

Future of Long Term Care

Posted in Advocacy, Regulatory enforcement, Staffing, Tort Reform, Trial themes
The New York Times had an interesting article about the emergence of nursing homes replacing hospitals in providing basic medical care.  Certain procedures and treatments require hospital admission, of course. But “the push is to reduce unnecessary hospitalization for things that can be handled in skilled nursing facilities,” said David Siskind, the medical director at… Continue Reading

HCR ManorCare Whistleblower Lawsuit

Posted in Advocacy, Medicare, Trial themes
ABC News reported that the Justice Department  is stepping into a long-running whistleblower lawsuit against HCR ManorCare, one of the nation’s largest nursing-home chains, accusing it of systematic Medicare overbilling and sometimes putting frail, dying patients through arduous rehab schedules just to increase revenue and profits.  Jeffrey Downey, attorney for the original whistleblower, occupational therapist Christine… Continue Reading

Nursing Home Industry Subsidized By Taxpayers

Posted in Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
McKnight’s reported that tens of thousands of the country’s lowest paid workers from fast-food to retail picketed to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Some of them included nursing home assistants, dietary and housekeeping employees.  A new Keystone Research Center report showing why and how many of the more than 80,000 direct care nursing… Continue Reading

Facility Under Investigation

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Trial themes
New London Health Center is under investigation for alleged neglect and mistreatment of a female patient, WXIA reports.  The 77-year-old woman was rushed to the emergency room with a 3-inch gash on the side of her head that required four staples to close and bleeding on the brain, according to the police.  She also showed… Continue Reading

Tell-Tale Signs of Neglect

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
KRQE reported that New Mexico’s Attorney General Hector Balderas is following through with a lawsuit against Preferred Care Partners Management Group, one of the nation’s largest nursing home chains, over claims of inadequate care.  After hearing numerous accounts from residents’ families and former nursing home employees, Balderas said he felt compelled to act.  The state… Continue Reading

Assisted Living Federation of America

Posted in senior care, Tort Reform, Trial themes
Senior living providers had a remarkably positive 2014, marked by record investments and acquisitions, growing occupancy rates and swelling demand, according to the annual analysis of the largest senior living providers by the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA). There were more than 290 acquisitions representing more than $25 billion last year, up from the… Continue Reading

Reducing Chemical Restraints in Nursing Homes

Posted in Advocacy, Dementia Care, Medications, Trial themes
One of the goals in the nursing home industry is to reduce the misuse and abuse of antipsychotic medications in nursing homes, especially as a chemical restraint for residents with dementia who have behavioral problems.  People with dementia sometimes have behavioral problems that stem from an inability to communicate what is wrong. Rather than administering… Continue Reading

“Inappropriate administration of medication by medical personnel deemed homicide

Posted in Medications, Trial themes
The Chicago Sun Times reported that the death of ALF resident Dorothy Byrd has been ruled a homicide. The Cook County medical examiner’s office announced that Byrd’s Feb. 4 death was a homicide. Byrd died during an “inappropriate administration of medication by medical personnel” at the facility, according to a death certificate.   Testing revealed Byrd… Continue Reading

The Morton Arkansas Empire

Posted in Advocacy, Trial themes
Infamous nursing-home owner Michael Morton met with lobbyist Gilbert Baker a second time to discuss (unethical? illegal?) judicial campaign contributions, including those to since-ousted Circuit Judge Michael Maggio (who admitted to being bribed by Morton).  In January, Maggio, 53, pleaded guilty to a felony bribery charge in a case that resulted from his handling of… Continue Reading

Owner Steals to Buy Crack

Posted in Staffing, Trial themes
WRAL reported that Victoria Diane White, owner of the North Carolina nursing home Miracle Restoration, was arrested after stealing $250 from a resident’s bank account to buy gasoline, which she traded for crack cocaine and other drugs. White stole the resident’s bank card and used it to make this purchase, then gave the card to… Continue Reading

Failure to Administer CPR

Posted in Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
KSTP reported that Ralph Dostal died in a nursing home at the age of 78, but his family says it should never have happened. Now, they’re suing the nursing home, and a nurse, claiming both didn’t do enough to save their loved one.  The family of Ralph Dostal filed a wrongful death lawsuit claiming their loved one… Continue Reading

Vicious Assault

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Staffing, Trial themes
A 28-year-old employee at Whitehall Healthcare Center nursing home has been charged following an investigation into the suspected abuse of a 62-year-old patient.  William Thomas Hill faces a hearing after being arraigned on two counts of third-degree vulnerable adult abuse.  Another worker at Whitehall Healthcare Center in Novi called police March 11 after Thomas David… Continue Reading

How is this Justice?

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Staffing, Trial themes
KSDK reported that Walter Javier Martinez pled guilty to four counts of elder abuse. Martinez was employed at a nursing home where he committed sexual assault, forcible rape and sodomy on residents. His punishment? He received only one year in jail, can no longer work with the elderly, and surrendered his healthcare license.  … Continue Reading

The Cost of Neglect

Posted in Advocacy, Staffing, Tort Reform, Trial themes
Preventable medical errors are a common phenomenon, much more common than most people want to think. Though not a topic many people give a lot of thought to, preventable medical errors are one of those things which should outrage us. Though preventable medical errors occur quite a bit in hospitals, they occur even more in… Continue Reading

Financial Exploitation

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
Amanda McCalister has been charged with theft from the elderly after reportedly stealing money from resident’s rooms. McCalister worked as a nursing aide in the nursing home where the theft occurred. She was caught after one resident’s family complained about missing money on two separate occasions.  see article here. Amber P. Hults, of Quaker Hill… Continue Reading

“15 Minute Visit”

Posted in Advocacy, Tort Reform, Trial themes
Kaiser Health News had an interesting article about the medical profession.  The idea of the “15 Minute Visit”, where doctors spend a short amount of time with patients after waiting months for an appointment, sometimes hours in the waiting room, and have a list of complaints for their doctor, are becoming increasingly more common. Though… Continue Reading

Cover up of Neglect Leads to Arrest

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Staffing, Trial themes
The Long Island Press reported that Jolly Stewart was arrested for various charges including endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person, falsifying business records, and willful violation of health laws. Stewart worked at the J. Foley Skilled Nursing Facility as a CNA. The facility has since closed, but while it was operational,… Continue Reading


Posted in Dementia Care, Trial themes
William Utermohlen was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 1995. He was 61 years old. Before his diagnosis, Utermohlen was a successful artist. Though his legacy may be his paintings pre-1995, the work he did between 1995-2000 provides a poignant and distressing look at Alzheimer’s. After his diagnosis, Utermohlen began painting a self-portrait each year. Each… Continue Reading