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Another OmniCare Kickback Scheme

Posted in Advocacy, Medications, Trial themes
The District Sentinel reported on the U.S. Department of Justice’s settlement with OmniCare, Inc. which is the nation’s largest nursing home pharmacy making billions a year.  OmniCare will pay $28 million for its role in a massive kickback scheme perpetrated by drug manufacturer Abbott Laboratories dating back six years. “Omnicare solicited and received kickbacks from Abbott… Continue Reading

The Importance of Audit Trails

Posted in Discovery issues, Trial themes
By law, every nursing homes using computerized medical records must have a system that can generate a log or audit trail showing not only every electronic entry, but every access of the electronic record.  The audit trail prevents the alteration of the records without leaving a telltale trail behind. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)… Continue Reading

“Shame on Shlomo”

Posted in Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
Jeff Graham visits his 77-year-old mother every Sunday at Pacific Rehabilitation and Wellness Center in Eureka.  Graham was one of about 20 people who gathered to protest Brius Healthcare Services’ plans to close the facility and two others in Eureka, which would result in nearly 150 patients having to be moved out of the county… Continue Reading

Reliant Senior Care Holdings Settlement

Posted in Advocacy, Medicare, Trial themes
CBS Pittsburgh reported the $2 million settlement with Reliant Senior Care Holdings related to claims of failing to provide basic services to their customers.  The company operated 22 skilled nursing facilities throughout Pennsylvania from 2012 to the present. An investigation revealed Reliant left its facilities understaffed, making workers unable to help those living there with such basic needs… Continue Reading

Left Alone During Hurricane Matthew

Posted in Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
CBS News reported the tragic death of David Outlaw who drowned in a puddle, pinned underneath his wheelchair after being left alone at the height of Hurricane Matthew to smoke outside his South Carolina nursing home, National Health Care facility in Columbia. A nurse told deputies that she left him unattended in a courtyard to smoke.  A… Continue Reading

“Unbridled Greed.”

Posted in Advocacy, Medicare, Trial themes
The Washington Times Herald reported the indictment against James Burkhart, CEO of American Senior Communities, for   federal charges in a kickback scheme worth millions of dollars.  American Senior Communities operates dozens of Indiana nursing homes including two in Washington.  The defendants used American Senior Communities’ network of about 70 nursing homes and thousands of patients to their… Continue Reading

Expenditure Transparency

Posted in Advocacy, Medicare, Trial themes
McKnight’s had a great article on the recent GAO Report on Access to Expenditures.  The Report concludes that information on how and why nursing homes spend money should be accessible to public stakeholders.  The investigation found that information on expenditures is not readily accessible to the public or verified for accuracy and completeness. “GAO investigators created… Continue Reading

Benchmark Healthcare Shut Down

Posted in Advocacy, Trial themes
The St. Louis Dispatch reported the ongoing problems at Benchmark Healthcare nursing home.  Benchmark Nursing Home owned by Festus was facing a debt crisis and was not able to provide Benchmark with money to pay for resident’s basic living necessities such as food nor were they able to pay nursing home staff. Events leading up to… Continue Reading

Nursing Home Owner Arrested for Medicare Fraud

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Trial themes
The Chicago Tribune reported the billion dollar scheme that led to the arrest of nursing home owner/operator Philip Esformes. Esformes and his father and business partner, Morris Esformes, took in millions of dollars annually from federal programs for the sick and disabled. Arrested at one of his $2 million estates on the Miami Beach waterfront and… Continue Reading

Dept. of Labor Sues NH Executive

Posted in Nursing home cases in the news, Trial themes
According to a report by the Connecticut Post, the U.S. Department of Labor has sued Chaim Stern, chief financial officer for Bridgeport Health Care Center, accusing him of diverting $4 million in retirement plan assets to a New York-based religious corporation and to himself.  The suit notes that Stern serves as the sole person responsible for… Continue Reading

Fight over Pay Hikes

Posted in Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
The Boston Globe reported on the fight in Massachusetts over pay hikes for nursing home workers included in the state budget.  Elder advocates spent months lobbying lawmakers for the money, saying it was sorely needed to ease financial pressures on thousands of workers and improve the quality of care delivered in the state’s 400 nursing… Continue Reading

Inflating the Cost of Medicare

Posted in Medicare, Trial themes
The Boston Herald reported the $2.2 million settlement to resolve allegations concerning inflated Medicare claims. Prosecutors say that Health Concepts and its COO, John Gage, failed to take sufficient steps to prevent Therapy Resources Management from fraudulently inflating the reported amounts of therapy provided to certain Medicare patients in Health Concepts facilities. Prosecutors say the facilities… Continue Reading

Reporting Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Staffing, Trial themes
Betsy Hammond of The Oregonian wrote an article about Stacy Molina.  Stacy was a certified nursing assistant at Healthcare at Foster Creek. She faithfully cared for a high-needs patient.  While she was sick with the flu, other Foster Creek employees failed to tend to a young male resident, and he developed a wound on his leg so… Continue Reading

Medicare Fraud and SavaSeniorCare

Posted in Medicare, Trial themes
McKnight’s reported on the lawsuit that accuses SavaSeniorCare, one of the nation’s largest nursing facility operators, of overbilling Medicare for unnecessary therapy services.  Sava filed a motion to dismiss but a federal court has ruled the lawsuit can proceed.  The lawsuit, which consolidated three separate complaints against SavaSeniorCare LLC, alleges that the company pushed employees to provide… Continue Reading

$900,000 Verdict

Posted in Trial themes, Verdicts/Settlements
The Globe Gazette reported the $900,000 verdict against Good Shepherd for the neglect of Maria Savas O’Brien. The jury, which deliberated for about 2½ hours on Friday afternoon and for more than six hours on Monday, determined Good Shepherd was negligent in its care of O’Brien. The jury also determined the nursing home showed willful and… Continue Reading

Medicaid Fraud in Tennessee?

Posted in Advocacy, Medicare, Trial themes
The Tennessean reported that Kathleen Graves, the owner of  Mabry Healthcare & Rehab Center, claimed more than $2 million in Medicaid expenses that were instead spent for personal use, including purchases at discount stores, restaurants, furniture stores, nail salons, personal travel and, in one instance, to help pay for the wedding of the owner’s daughter!  The Tennessee… Continue Reading

The Result of Short-Staffing

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Staffing, Trial themes
Chinyere Daniel is a a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at Pruit Health.  Resident Francis Harper reported Daniel punched her several times in the head, and then threatened to kill her.  Daniel was charged with aggravated assault and battery. Harper’s roommate, Clara Harris, witnessed the assault and corroborated what Harper told police that she was struck multiple times in the… Continue Reading

“A Surgeon’s Belated Confession”

Posted in Advocacy, Discovery issues, Trial themes
NPR and Propublica both had articles about Dr. Lars Aanning who has admitted to lying underoath for a colleague.  This happens all the time.  Doctors don’t squeal on doctors.  It is similar to the thin blue line for police officers.  Should Dr. Aanning be commended for telling the truth now? The South Dakota surgeon had been… Continue Reading

DOJ Settlement with NAHC, Inc.

Posted in Advocacy, Medicare, Trial themes
California Healthline reported the $30 million DOJ settlement involving North American Health Care Inc. and two of its executives.  They will pay back $30 million after they billed government health care programs for unnecessary treatments. The company will pay $28.5 million, the bulk of the settlement, while John Sorenson, chairman of the board, will pay $1… Continue Reading

Breach of Trust

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Staffing, Trial themes
Fox4KC reported the arrest of nursing home employee Angela Kreps who is accused of stealing thousands from a cancer victim. Kreps was director of social services at the Maple Wood Care Center.  Kreps used her position at the center to gain the victim’s trust.  She allegedly used the money for things like tanning, gasoline and groceries. “Court records… Continue Reading

Choking Death

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Dementia Care, Nutrition, Staffing, Trial themes
The Star Tribune reported that the Minnesota Department of Health said the Gardens at Cannon Falls “did not have an adequate system to ensure cognitively impaired residents on [liquid] diets were adequately supervised.” Nursing home staff knew the resident was dissatisfied with her limited liquid diet, and that she would routinely try to take the… Continue Reading

“Staffing is an issue everywhere you go”

Posted in Staffing, Trial themes
ABC27 had an incredible article with video proof of horrendous violations at Susquehanna Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.  You can see the videos by using the link to the article. “I’ve seen roaches, but these are huge,” Kayla Singleton said as she watched the video again. Singleton was a registered nurse supervisor at the facility when she recorded… Continue Reading

Owner only “did what he could to get by”

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Benchmark Healthcare of Festus Inc. nursing home may not continue to be eligible for taxpayer funding through Medicare and Medicaid after not providing enough food for residents and violating basic minimum standards for cleanliness and care, according to federal inspection reports.  It is rare for the government agency to pull funding… Continue Reading

Chemical Restraint Lawsuit

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Medications, Nursing home cases in the news, Trial themes
The News Journal reported that the family of Sylvia Pierce, a third-grade teacher with the Capital School District for 25 years, is suing national for profit chain Genesis Healthcare for improperly giving her antipsychotic medications without their consent, which led to her death. Prior to her admission, Pierce had been able to stand, talk and feed herself, even playing… Continue Reading