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For-Profit Nursing Homes = Inferior Care

Posted in Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
CBC News reported that for-profit nursing homes provide “inferior” care to seniors, and evidence is strong enough for policy makers to pay attention.  The finding came from a new paper published in the peer-reviewed joural PLOS Medicine.  The authors draw on years of research, in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere, comparing for-profit long-term residential care facilities… Continue Reading

Pay CNAs Their True Value

Posted in Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
The Boston Globe had a great editorial on the lack of pay for nursing home caregivers related to their true value. CNAs who provide 95% of the direct care to most nursing home residents only get paid on average $11-an-hour in Massachusetts according to the Massachusetts Senior Care Association, which represents the nursing home industry. (In South Carolina,… Continue Reading

Fight for $15

Posted in Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
Workday Minnestoa had a great article explaining the need for a fair and living wage for all workers including CNAs in nursing homes.  On the same day that more than 100 Twin Cities fast-food workers went on strike, area nursing home workers took up the “Fight for $15” as well, rallying outside a Roseville care… Continue Reading

CNAs Deserve a Living Wage

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Staffing, Trial themes
The Patriot Ledger reported on the need to increase staffing and pay to caregivers at nursing homes.  Better care for residents of nursing homes will require better pay and working conditions for the key workers: the nurse aides. The single factor most critical to high quality of care and quality of life for nursing home residents… Continue Reading

A National Outrage

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
The Journal reported a story that shows how important staffing is at long term care facilities.  Residents in a nursing home suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of their caregivers and were refused showers and left short of food, according to claims in released documents. In a complaint to the Health Information and Quality… Continue Reading

Job Stress Causes Neglect and Abuse

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Advocacy, Staffing, Trial themes
NPR had an interesting article on how job stress and burnout affects the quality of care provided by caregivers.  Nursing has long been considered one of the most stressful professions, according to a review of research by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2012. A… Continue Reading

CMS To Investigate Therapy Minutes

Posted in Advocacy, Medicare, Trial themes
Medicare reimburses skilled nursing facilities, or SNFs, for “rehabilitation therapy” according to the amount and level of care they provide. The amount of care is measured in minutes per resident per week. The largest payments are awarded to SNFs for residents who receive “very high” or “ultra-high” therapy, respectively equal to at least 500 and 720 minutes per week.… Continue Reading

PruittHealth Sued Again

Posted in Advocacy, Nursing home cases in the news, Staffing, Trial themes
The Augusta Chronicle reported on another lawsuit filed against the national for profit chain PruittHealth.  Gloria Jessie, the grieving widow of a neglected resident who died after a six-month stay at a PruittHealth nursing home in Augusta, has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit.  The lawsuit filed on behalf of Lyons’ heirs is the fourth against PruittHealth… Continue Reading

Changes to Nursing Home Compare

Posted in Advocacy, Choosing a nursing home, Trial themes
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) launched its Nursing Home Compare website in 1998 for the 17,000 nursing homes that participate in Medicare or Medicaid, and began its 5-star rating system for nursing homes in 2008 (see Medicare Nursing Home Compare).  The core indicators for nursing home performance include information from health inspections, staffing… Continue Reading

Long Term Care By the Numbers

Posted in Trial themes
In 2014, spending on freestanding nursing care facilities and continuing care retirement communities reached $155.6 billion, or an increase of 3.6% from 2013 (see National Health Expenditures 2014 Highlights). In 2015, the median annual cost for a private room in a nursing home was $91,250 (with a median daily cost of $250), and the median annual… Continue Reading

Impersonating a Nurse

Posted in Staffing, Trial themes
Kristin Sweet was sentenced to 3 years in prison after admitting she impersonated a nurse when she wasn’t licensed, didn’t have a nursing degree and hadn’t been hired.  However, she may be released after 90 days to be treated at a correction center. Sweet pleaded guilty to identity fraud, deception to obtain a dangerous drug and practicing as… Continue Reading

Excessive Morphine Dose

Posted in Medications, Trial themes
The Star-Tribune reported on the tragic and preventable death of a nursing home resident who died less than 2 hours after nurses gave him 10 times his prescribed dose of morphine.  The Mahnomen Health Center has been cited for neglect and found responsible in the case for failing to transcribe the man’s medications accurately, according to a state… Continue Reading

Investigating Complaints

Posted in Regulatory enforcement, Staffing, Trial themes
ProPublica had a shocking report on California’s lax oversight of dangerous and troubled caregivers.  It is a problem all over the country.  “The board charged with overseeing California’s 350,000 registered nurses often takes years to act on complaints of egregious misconduct, leaving nurses accused of wrongdoing free to practice without restrictions, our joint investigation investigation… Continue Reading

Medications and Kickbacks

Posted in Medications, Trial themes
McKnight’s reported on the sentencing of Michael Reinstein, a Chicago psychiatrist, who prescribed the antipsychotic clozapine to thousands of nursing home residents in exchange for kickbacks.  He was only sentenced to 9 months in jail despite receiving close to $600,000 from pharmaceutical companies in exchange for prescribing Clozaril (the brand-name version of clozapine) to thousands of elderly hospital… Continue Reading

Indicted for Falsifying Records

Posted in Staffing, Trial themes
McKnight’s reported that Riadel Manzano, director of nursing for Woodmere Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, was indicted on charges of falsifying records.  Manzano is accused of knowingly falsifying resident records in 2012 while working as the director of nursing services. She was indicted on charges of offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree, along… Continue Reading

SavaSeniorCare in North Carolina

Posted in Advocacy, Trial themes
The Mountaineer reported on the current problems with SavaSeniorCare’s facility in Waynesville, N.C.  Presently, the Brian Center Health and Rehabilitation of Waynesville is under investigation for allegations of misconduct by staff.  The facility has a history of problems and has demonstrated a pattern of problems that is a cause for concern for North Carolina Department… Continue Reading

Maggio Sentenced

Posted in Advocacy, Tort Reform, Trial themes
Arkansas Online reported the sentencing of disgraced and corrupt Arkansas Circuit Judge Michael Maggio who got caught reducing the verdict in a nursing home case for campaign contributions.  Maggio has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty in federal court to reducing a jury’s verdict in exchange for campaign contributions. Last year, Maggio… Continue Reading

Sexual Predator Gets Home Detention

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Staffing, Trial themes
The Indy Star reported that Austin Gough, a Kindred nursing home employee, has admitted battering a resident at the facility, Hancock Circuit Court records state.  Gough pleaded guilty March 2 to felony battery against a disabled person. Hancock Commissioner Scott Sirk sentenced him to only one year of home detention, followed by 545 days of sex offender… Continue Reading

Cost of Abandonment

Posted in Advocacy, Trial themes
NPR had a great article about nursing homes abandoning residents at local hospitals driving up the cost of health care. Thousands of nursing home residents are told they cannot return to the facility after going to a hospital.  In most cases, it’s a violation of federal regulations. But those rules are rarely enforced by the states.… Continue Reading

When Will They Close This Unsafe Home?

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Advocacy, Regulatory enforcement, Trial themes
KHOU TV reported the disturbing murder of two nursing home residents bludgeoned to death inside their room at Lexington Place Nursing Home in Houston.  Guillermo Correa, the victims’ roommate was charged with beating the men, Primitivo Lopez and Antonio Acosta, to death with a wheelchair armrest.  Chavez says her family repeatedly requested a room change… Continue Reading

DON Embezzling Hydrocodone

Posted in Medications, Trial themes
WJTV reported that Kimberly Lindsey, the Director of Nursing at Adams County Nursing Center, was arrested for embezzlement of a controlled substance.  She is being accused of embezzling Hydrocodone according to Attorney General Jim Hood. Lindsey turned herself into the Adams County Sheriff’s Office after an indictment by the Adams County Grand Jury. Lindsey’s bond was set at $10,000. Lindsey faces up… Continue Reading

Risk v. Reward with Opiates

Posted in Medications, Trial themes
USA Today reported that The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in its first ever guidelines for dispensing the morphine-like, addictive drugs, such as MS Contin, is urging doctors to avoid prescribing powerful opiate painkillers for patients with chronic pain, saying the risks from such drugs far outweigh the benefits for most people.  The CDC took the action to… Continue Reading