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Withholding Records

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Oklahoma News 9 reported on a troubling story involving the abuse of an elderly woman at the Quail Creek Nursing and Rehab Center in Oklahoma City. When daughters suspected that their mother, 96 year old Eyretha Mayberry, was suffering physical abuse at the hands of nursing home staff they took matters into their own hands… Continue Reading

Improper Transfer = Criminally Negligent

Posted in Fall Prevention
It was reported by both the Minnesota Public Radio News and the Minnesota Star Tribune that a Minnesota Department of Health investigation found two employees at the Castle Ridge Care Center in St. Paul to be criminally negligent in their care of an unnamed, elderly patient, going so far as to lie about a fall which… Continue Reading

“Attempted” Neglect?

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Staffing
An Ohio news station, NBC 4, reported that a local nursing supervisor have been found guilty of attempted neglect at a Woodsfield nursing home.  What the heck is "attempted" neglect? Kathy Schwaben was employed at Monroe County Care Center when she neglected to assist an injured resident.  The resident was injured when she was a… Continue Reading

Suspicions lead to Investigation

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Wood TV 8 reported that a Wayland, Michigan nursing home is facing an investigation after Patricia Slornski began to question the suspicious circumstances surrounding her mother’s death.  Doris Robbins was resident of Laurels of Sandy Creek nursing home when she died suddenly.  The facility told Slornski that her mother had taken a afternoon nap and had… Continue Reading

Billion dollar Fine for Risperdal

Posted in Medications
The L.A. Times reported the $1.1 billion fine imposed by a federal judge in Arkansas litigation against Johnson & Johnson after a jury found that the companies downplayed and covered up risks associated with taking the antipsychotic drug Risperdal.  Circuit Judge Tim Fox determined that Johnson & Johnson and subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. committed nearly 240,000 violations… Continue Reading

Assault Between Residents

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The Chicago Tribune reported the suspicious death of a resident after a fatal altercation with another resident at Oak Park Healthcare Center.  The nursing home failed to report the altercation to the health department for further investigation. Anibal Calderon, 80, died of head injuries after an alleged fight that took place.  Calderon’s death was ruled a homicide… Continue Reading

$8 Million Verdict in Improper Transfer Case

Posted in Verdicts/Settlements
The Louisville Courier Jornal reported the jury’s verdict in a recent two week nursing home neglect trial against Treyton Oak Towers.  The jury awarded $8 million in damages to the estate of a retired surgeon whose legs were broken becuase of neglect.  Dr. David Griffin died less than two months after he was improperly transferred from a… Continue Reading

Crime and Cover Up

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Kansas City’s KCTV5 reported the lawsuit filed about the alleged crime and cover-up at Brandon Woods at Alvamar.  Predictably, Defendants say there is no merit to the lawsuit, but the allegations in a 32-page court document are detailed and disturbing.  The suit was filed by the family of Jean Allen who was living at Brandon Woods… Continue Reading

Burying the Truth

Posted in Advocacy
ProPublica, in collaboration with PBS “Frontline” and NPR, took an in-depth look at the nation’s 2,300 coroner and medical examiner offices and found a deeply dysfunctional system that quite literally buries its mistakes.   ProPublica and PBS "Frontline" have identified more than three-dozen cases in which the alleged neglect, abuse or even murder of seniors eluded… Continue Reading

Admitting Nursing Errors

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The website MedicalXpress had an article discussing the new study called, "Nurses’ Perceptions of Error Reporting and Disclosure in Nursing Homes," published in the January 2012 issue of the Journal of Nursing Care Quality.   The majority of registered nurses who responded said error disclosures are difficult to process in nursing homes.   In NHs, nurses more routinely interact with… Continue Reading

Bed Bugs

Posted in Advocacy
Local ABC News channel out of Long Island had a report about the problem of bed bugs at Avalon Gardens nursing home in Smithtown. Workers say a bed bug problem is so bad, they keep moving patients room to room to escape the bugs. "They’re horrible they’re all over the place and now to know you haven’t… Continue Reading

Cover ups are widespread

Posted in Regulatory enforcement
The Seattle Times had a shocking article about the systematic pattern of covering up neglect and abuse in adult family homes.  In fact, a Seattle Times investigation has found, cover-ups by adult family homes are not unusual. The Times found that over the past five years, at least 357 of the adult family homes in this state… Continue Reading

Do nursing homes ignore abuse?

Posted in Abuse and Neglect
Michael Owens of the Bristol Herald Courier wrote an article about National HealthCare-Bristol ignoring the obvious warning signs of abuse including those acts done by James Wright who was recently convicted of sexual assaults. The article talks about one resident who rolls into a fetal position and reaches with both hands between her legs and around her… Continue Reading

Resident Suffers Severe Burns

Posted in Abuse and Neglect
BakersfieldNow had an article about the neglect suffered by Anita Ramirez after spending less than two weeks at LifeHouse Parkview nursing home.  The family discovered that Ramirez ended up with serious burns during her brief stay. Ramirez was sent to the nursing home to resolve a bedsore from a recent hospitalization "She needed to be turned… Continue Reading

Cover up of sexual abuse

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WQAD had a story about the cover up of sexual abuse at Windmill Manor nursing home. State and federal authorities have levied more than $92,000 in fines where staff are accused of covering up the sexual abuse of an elderly resident.  State records say a male resident of Windmill Manor was found in bed with a female… Continue Reading

Failure to Investigate Abuse

Posted in Regulatory enforcement
Dallas News had another article about the lack of supervision, enforcement, and investigation of nursing home complaints of neglect and abuse in Texas.  Regulators have repeatedly found problems and cited violations at Veterans Land Board, which the General Land Office is the parent agency of the veterans board.   But the criminal investigation into Bryson Vanderbilt, 25, and… Continue Reading

Administrator covered up sexual assaults

Posted in Abuse and Neglect
Bristol Herald Courier had an article about the Virginia Medical Licensing Board’s conclusion that reports of sexually abused nursing-home patients were both ignored and discouraged by supervisors at the National Health Care-Bristol facility.  The accusations against two current NHC-Bristol staff members and a former nursing director detail a series of assaults already attributed in court… Continue Reading

Failure to investigate, notify, or recognize fractures

Posted in Fall Prevention
The Daytona Beach News-Journal had a tragic story about a 76-year-old resident at a DeLand nursing home who went for 12 hours without treatment after she broke her shoulder and both her legs in a preventable fall.  The incident under investigation started when a patient fell out of bed at 5 a.m. Friday as her bedding was being… Continue Reading

Criminal indictment for Neglect

Posted in Staffing
Lexington Herald-Leader had an article about Kentucky indicting nursing home employees for neglecting a resident and trying to cover it up.  A nurse and two nursing assistants have been indicted in connection with a case of neglect at Creekwood Place Nursing Home in Logan County. One of the nursing assistants, Melissa L. Lyon, was trying… Continue Reading

Resident’s penis rots because of failure to provide wound care

Posted in Pressure or decubitus ulcers
There have been several articles about the lawsuit filed against Everett Rehabilitation and Care Center that neglected a resident’s penis until it rotted off.  See articles here, here, and here. A lawsuit has been filed against a Washington state nursing home accused of neglecting Charles Bradley’s penile infection.   The lawsuit states that Bradley was taken to… Continue Reading

NHC’s DON threw complaints about abuse into trash can

Posted in Abuse and Neglect
Michael Owens has a follow up article to his recent articles about how NHC cover uped and protected a sexual predator and allowed him to continue working in the health care field despite being required by law to report abuse.  This is a fascinating story that needs to be told.  It is a perfect example… Continue Reading

$75,000 fine for choking death

Posted in Abuse and Neglect
The L.A. Times reported that a nursing home was fined only $75,000 for the wrongful death of a resident.  The nursing home was well aware that the resident had a history of swallowing problems but did nothing to prevent him from choking to death on a snadwich that never should have been given to him. … Continue Reading

CNA molests residents in nursing home

Posted in Abuse and Neglect, Staffing had an article about the sexual abuse allegations at an elderly home in Hot Springs, S.D.  Many family members are appropriately concerned. The DCI is finally looking into reports dating back to January at the Castle Manor Nursing home.  Hospital officials say they know of more victims. Board President of Castle Manor Rich Nelson knows of at… Continue Reading

CNA arrested for negligent homicide and cover up

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The Chattanooga Free Times Press had an article about the arrest of a nursing home employee who neglected and caused the death of a nursing home resident.   Walter Small is charged with criminally negligent homicide in the death of Robert A. Young on Nov. 12, 2007.  The nursing home was almost successful covering this crime up.  The… Continue Reading