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Evicted from Nursing Home for Complaining

Posted in Choosing a nursing home
Grace Miller is an 87-year-old resident of Dorchester Senior Center, a south suburban assisted living facility in Dolton, Ill.   Miller claims she was unfairly and forcibly evicted from her home for a second time.  The 87-year-old says she moved from Nebraska into the Dorchester Senior Center as a part of what she believes to be… Continue Reading

Resident Dumping

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The Chicago Tribune had an article based on the article in the Des Moines Register about the story of a nursing home resident with brain damage.  A hospital has sued the nursing home that transferred the brain-damaged patient and then refused to take him back.   Broadlawns Medical Center officials say the nursing home transferred patient Edward Weatherman to… Continue Reading

Nursing homes abandon residents

Posted in Advocacy out of Texas had an article about a resident who was evicted and abandoned by his nursing home and left outdoors for hours. Bonifacio Rodriguez was left sitting on his front porch  when a neighbor discovered him.  The neighbor says a nursing home van dropped him off at his ex-wife’s house, but there was nobody home… Continue Reading

Eviction of mentally ill residents

Posted in Advocacy
The West Virginia Gazette had an interesting article on a nursing home’s attempt to evict a mentally ill resident from the facility.  The judge has ruled that 77-year-old Helen Shank gets to stay at Golden Living Center in Morgantown…for now.  Medicaid must continue providing nursing home care for Shank, who is mentally ill and also a "brittle… Continue Reading

Homes evict residents after taking life savings

Posted in Advocacy had an interesting article discussing how nursing homes are dumping Medicaid residents after the residents spend their life savings on care and treatment.   The article mentions May Hunish whose family decided to move her to the Maurice House, an assisted living facility in Millville, because after spending her $150,000 in savings on rent and… Continue Reading

Evictions increase for Medicaid residents

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Seattle Post Intelligencer had an article about the recent increases in evictions in nursing homes. Contact the Washington Long-Term Care Ombudsman program, call 800-562-6028, or visit if you need help.  The article reveals one example where a woman was evicting and died shortly after being evicted.  Henderer grew depressed and refused to leave her… Continue Reading

Eviction of resident stayed

Posted in Advocacy had a story about a nursing home patient who was threatened with eviction from her facility because she couldn’t pay her bill has been allowed to stay.  The WBAL TV 11 News I-Team detailed the story of Melanie Conaway, a multiple sclerosis patient. A nursing home called Future Care Northpoint in Dundalk was about… Continue Reading

Resident evicted days before Christmas

Posted in Nursing home cases in the news
The Honolulu Advisor had a terrible story about a nursing home resident evicted and left at the emergency room of a hospital days before Christmas.  The 81-year-old woman was confined to a wheelchair wearing only a hospital gown. Florence Ko told The Advertiser she had no idea what was happening and where she would be… Continue Reading

Nursing home dumping

Posted in Advocacy
The Wall St. Journal had an article recently that made me think about the future of helath care when the baby boomers enter the nursing home industry.  Will there be a revolution in health care?  Will for profit chains dictate how the old and frail among us will conclude their lives?  A nursing home in… Continue Reading

Greedy nursing homes are improperly evicting residents

Posted in Advocacy, Medicare
Dan Frith wrote the following blog article about improper evictions in nursing homes.  The Wall Street Journal ran an interesting article on August 7 about America’s nursing homes wrongfully discharging residents. The article states that one in seven discharges from Washington, DC area nursing homes are improper. Why are nursing homes wrongfully and illegally kicking… Continue Reading

Judge stops eviction of resident

Posted in Advocacy
William C. Lhotka of the St. louis Post-dispatch wrote an article about a Judge preventing a nursing home from evicting a resident from a nursing home.  Below is an excerpt of his article: A judge has barred an Ellisville nursing home from discharging a resident in a billing dispute because of the possible traumatic effects… Continue Reading

Threat of eviction silences complaints.

Posted in Abuse and Neglect
South Florida has an article from Violette King, president of Nursing Home Monitors, a non-profit, all-volunteer advocacy group for nursing home safety about improper discharges and evictions of residents from nursing homes.  She encourages the media to put a spotllight on the injustices that occur daily in nursing homes throughout the country because the exposure will… Continue Reading

Admissions paperwork violates state law

Posted in Advocacy, Arbitration
The Kansas City Star has an article about a study from the National Senior Citizens Law Center discussing clauses in nursing home agreements that violate the law.  Some admission agreements skirt state and federal laws, misleading consumers about the care they can expect and inducing them to sign away critical consumer protections.  Advocates for the elderly said… Continue Reading

Putting profits over care

Posted in Nursing home cases in the news
A Rockport, Arkansas nursing home chose to evict an elderly resident who was chronically ill. The home dropped her off at a motel in Aransas Pass and never notified the family.  The home claims it wasn’t getting paid for her to stay there.  Ladewig suffers from chronic bronchitis and a muscle disease. Ladewig said she was brought to… Continue Reading

Study critical of nursing home admissions paperwork

Posted in Arbitration, Choosing a nursing home
The Columbia Tribune of Missouri has an article about a new study that shows nursing home admission paperwork to be confusing and takes away a resident’s fundamanetal rights without explanation to the residents. Nursing home admission agreements are confusing, can run 10 pages or more with unfamiliar language, are often signed in moments of distress, and… Continue Reading

Facility evicts and abandons resident for failing to pay

Posted in Abuse and Neglect
This is an incredible article.  They should be arrested for leaving a vulnerable adult in this condition. A northeast Nebraska care center has been fined for leaving an elderly resident alone and unattended. A report, done by the state department of Health and Human Services, says Golden Living Center, in O’Neill, Nebraska, discharged a resident because… Continue Reading

When can nursing home evict a resident?

Posted in Ombudsman
Description of Federal Requirements The federal regulation (483.12) articulates rights that the resident has related to admission, transfer, or discharge, some of the procedures facilities must follow, and records they must keep. The definition of transfer and discharge here applies to movement to a bed outside the certified facility (including differently licensed beds in the… Continue Reading