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Immunity from Responsibility

Posted in Tort Reform
The Palm Beach Post reported on Florida’s attempts to protect the corporate decision-makers from accountability for their decisions that affect the care provided at the facility.  In the case of “vicarious liability,” HB 869 says, punitive damages may not be imposed unless “an officer, director, or manager of the actual employer, corporation, or legal entity… Continue Reading

Wasting Taxpayer Money

Posted in Medicare, Trial themes
Nursing homes nationwide that were not meeting even basic requirements to look after their residents charged taxpayers billions of dollars.  The Department of Health and Human Services’ inspector general said Medicare paid about $5.1 billion for patients to stay in skilled nursing facilities that failed to meet minimum quality of care rules in 2009, in some cases… Continue Reading

Profit Margins, Markups, and Greed

Posted in Medicare, Staffing, Trial themes
Time Magazine had an interesting article explaining how and why health care bills are so expensive.  A for-profit system encourages waste, greed, and outlandish markups.  Executive compensation is ridiculous.  The article gives great details but here are some excerpts. "Yet those who work in the health care industry and those who argue over health care… Continue Reading

Arrest for Medicaid Fraud

Posted in Trial themes
The Miami Herald’s Naked Politics had an interesting article on the arrest of CEO Maxcine Darville and Assistant CEO and Assistant CEO Joanne Carter of the Council on Aging of Florida; the product of an investigation by the Attorney General Office’s Medicaid Fraud Unit.  Darville and Carter were in command of the nursing home management company and charged… Continue Reading

Corporate Tax Evaders

Posted in Trial themes
Ronald E. Burrell and Michael Elliott from Caremerica, a North Carolina company that operated assisted-living facilities in both Carolinas, have been sentenced five years in prison in a corporate tax evasion case.  The Justice Department says Burrell and Elliott were also ordered to pay $4.8 million each in restitution.  Burrell was the chief executive and Elliot… Continue Reading

For Profit Chains Overbill While Residents Suffer

Posted in Medicare, Staffing
Bloomberg News had an interesting article on a recent study by federal health care inspectors which said U.S. nursing home industry overbills Medicare at least $1.5 billion a year for treatments patients don’t need or never receive. That is incredible.  The national for profit chains were the worse offenders.  78 percent of $105 billion in revenues… Continue Reading

Venture Capitalists

Posted in Trial themes
Michael Stratton of Stratton Faxon wrote a great article on their blog The Connecticut Legal Examiner on how private investment groups use corporate shells to hide from liability and accountability.  Below is a reprint of the article. "Private investment groups are replacing ‘mom and pop’ nursing home owners. Plaintiff lawyers may need to dig through… Continue Reading

Sava’s Missing $100 Million Dollars

Posted in Trial themes
The Commercial Observer had an interesting article on the recent litigation involving Sava owners and operators and how expert accountants were needed to explain the complex web of corporate shell games. Two top forensic accountants were retained in a decisive battle in a legal war for control of about 170 nursing homes. "The trial in New York… Continue Reading

Executive Must Repay Taxpayer Money

Posted in Medicare, Trial themes reported that Chief U.S. District Judge Mary M. Lisi doubled the damages against Antonio Giordano.  The nursing home executive must repay $12 million to the federal government for diverting money for personal benefit causing two nursing homes to fail. Giordano is in prison on conspiracy and embezzlement charges. Judge Lisi increased the damages to deter future violations by… Continue Reading

Burnout and Infections

Posted in Staffing
NBC had an interesting article about how understaffing leads to poor care including increasing the risk of preventable infections.  Heavy patient loads and chronic burnout have long been among the top complaints of nurses in the healthcare industry.  A new study proves that those problems affect not only the nurses themselves, but also the patients they… Continue Reading

People over Profits

Posted in Staffing, Tort Reform
The Lexington Herald Leader ran an article from Bernie Vonderheide about the nursing home industry.  Like the proverbial maligned millionaire, down on his luck but "crying all the way to the bank," along comes the nursing-home industry in Kentucky with a public-relations guy to write a commentary describing its alleged suffering.  And what we got… Continue Reading

Extendicare Leaves Kentucky

Posted in Advocacy and both had articles on the decision by Extendicare Health Services Inc to leave Kentucky.  I’m sure the nursing home residents of Kentucky are relieved.  Incredibly, Extendicare blames litigation and politicians for the move instead of themselves for providing poor care resuling in neglect, abuse, and wrongful death. Three nurse’s aides at one… Continue Reading

The Cost of Dying in America

Posted in Advocacy
The Daily Beast had a great article on the cost of dying in America using one family’s story as an example.  The article is adapted from Amanda Bennett’s book, The Cost of Hope: A Memoir. $33,382 for one hospital stay. $43,711 for the next. And a final $14,022 for the last three days of life. Across the… Continue Reading

Health Care Cost Institute Report

Posted in Advocacy
As reported in The Daily Beast, the price of United States health care is steadily increasing. However, the amount and quality of care in American is not increasing proportionally.  In one year alone the intensity of inpatient admissions increased a mere 0.7% while the intensity -adjusted price of health care increased a massive 4.6%. This… Continue Reading

The Real Health Care Train Wreck

Posted in Advocacy
Ann O’Leary, Director of the Children and Families Program at The Center for the Next Generation and Lecturer, Berkeley, School of Law, wrote an article called "The Real Health Care Train Wreck" addressing the impact of rising health care costs on our next generation (today’s kids).  Below are some excerpts: Rising health care costs are affecting all… Continue Reading

Law to Control Costs Struck Down

Posted in Advocacy
New York’s Democrat and Chronicle had an interesting article on an activist judge overturning legislation that would prevent waste, fraud, and abuse in nursing homes that receive taxpayer money through Medicaid and Medicare programs.   The law required operators to get written approval from the commissioner of the Department of Health to spend for personal expenses beyond… Continue Reading

Ruby Weston Settlement

Posted in Medicare, Trial themes
The NY Daily News had a great article on the case of nursing home Administrator Ruby Weston.   After years of delays, was justice served?   Ruby Weston operated two "non-profit" nursing homes that were funded by taxpayers’ money in Brooklyn, New York.  Despite the facade of non-profit, Ruby Weston and her family profited from these homes by robbing… Continue Reading

“Worthless Services” Conviction

Posted in Medicare, Trial themes
The Polk County Crime Examiner reported the conviction of nursing home owner/operator George Dalyn Houser of Atlanta on charges of conspiring with his wife to defraud the Medicare and Medicaid programs by billing them for “worthless services” in the operation of three deficient nursing homes.   The nursing homes suffered from food shortages bordering on starvation, leaking… Continue Reading

CFO Sentenced to 3 to 6 Years

Posted in Medicare, Trial themes
The Billings Gazette had an article about the guilty plea and sentence of Perry Vandeventer to between four and six years in prison and ordered him to payback only $41,000 in restitution for embezzlement.  Vandeventer was the chief financial officer of Shepherd of the Valley nursing home.  Vandeventer pleaded guilty to one count of obtaining money… Continue Reading

For Profit Chains are the Problem

Posted in Trial themes
CMS has come out with a new paper stating that extensive research finds that the type of nursing home ownership and sponsorship affects the quality of care that facilities provide to their residents.  "Extensive research finds that the type of nursing home ownership and sponsorship affects the quality of care that facilities provide to their… Continue Reading

Health Care Costs Part 2

Posted in Advocacy
Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish recently blogged about American health care costs in "Why Does Healthcare Cost More In America?"  Ezra Klein studies why American procedures are much more expensive. One theory: “In my view, health is a business in the United States in quite a different way than it is elsewhere,” says Tom… Continue Reading

Study Shows Rich People are More Likely to Lie and Cheat

Posted in Trial themes
I found the following article on AlterNet about the study on how rich people are more likely to lie and cheat.  Very interesting and explains how nursing home executives perjure themselves so easily. Bloomberg (yes, the same Bloomberg news outlet owned by multibillionaire New York City mayor, because you can’t make this stuff up) reports… Continue Reading

A Big Win for Consumers

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Kaiser Health News reported the decision by the Supreme Court of Maine allowing Maine to limit insurance premiums and presumably their profits.  The decision upheld state regulators’ authority to hold down rate increases sought by Anthem Health Plans of Maine. The Supreme Judicial Court said that Maine’s insurance superintendent had “properly balanced the competing interests” in arriving… Continue Reading

Medical Bills cause Bankruptcy and Poverty

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NPR published an article that discussed the difficulty Americans have to pay medical bills despite having access to Medicare and Medicaid.  In a survey of more than 50,000 people taken by the National Center for Health Statistics, results showed that in 2011 alone one in three Americans were left struggling to pay current medical bills, previous… Continue Reading