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Guidelines for Benzos

Posted in Medications
The Society of Critical Care Medicine has revamped its guidelines in an attempt to keep doctors from overprescribing benzodiazepines to sedate patients. “Benzos,” as they are sometimes called, are a class of anti-anxiety drugs including Valium, Klonopin and Ativan which can bring on a nightmarish set of side effects including delirium and hallucinations, even in… Continue Reading

Survey Guidelines for Antipsychotics

Posted in Medicare, Medications
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has updated survey guidelines regarding nursing homes’ use of antipsychotic medications for dementia care. The interim guidance revises Appendix P and Appendix PP of the State Operations Manual. The Appendix P update includes new surveyor tasks to ensure that survey samples include enough residents who have dementia and… Continue Reading

Cost cutting and Ethics

Posted in Trial themes
Kaiser Health News reported that the American College of Physicians released an updated ethics manual requiring doctors to provide "parsimonious care" – in other words, "to practice effective and efficient health care and to use health care resources responsibly."  Is it ethical to withhold care when the benefits are not cost-effective? It’s been viewed as a definitive… Continue Reading

DEA Guidelines on Dispensing Medications

Posted in Medications
The New York Times recently had an article about the recent guideline issued by the Drug Enforcement Administration which will give LPNs more authority to get residents narcotics.  Historically, pharmacists dispensed the prescription for patients after direct oral or written orders from a doctor.  The new guideline grants physicians the power to authorize nurses at long-term care facilities with the… Continue Reading

CMS issues new guidelines

Posted in Medicare, Regulatory enforcement
U.S. News & World Report had a great article summarizing the spirit and intent of the new federal regulations for nursing homes. The article states "A warm, welcoming environment where residents are free to make choices regarding their care."  These recommendations or standards are long overdue and need to be enforced right away. The CMS… Continue Reading