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Staffer Steals Pain Medication

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The SF Gate reported that a Minnesota nursing home worker had been fired for stealing drugs from a resident. North Ridge Care Center in New Hope reported the worker to health officials and the police. The worker stole Oxycodone from the resident who had been prescribed the narcotic for pain management. The worker admitted to… Continue Reading

LPN Steals and Uses Resident’s Morphine

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Foster’s Daily Democrat reported that Nina Perez has been convicted and sentenced for stealing morphine that was supposed to go to an elderly nursing home patient.  Perez was a licensed practical nurse at The Edgewood Centre who pleaded guilty to one class B felony count of possession of a controlled drug and one misdemeanor count of abuse of facility… Continue Reading

Nurse Arrested for Stealing Pain Medications for Residents

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In an article from the Shelbyville Times-Gazette, it was reported that Shelbyville nurse Brooke Sissom was accused of stealing pain medications from patients at the Manchester Health Care Center where she worked.  Brooke Sissom allegedly used the names and prescriptions of patients to order some potent pain medications which she proceeded to take herself, although it is possible that… Continue Reading

Hundreds of Painkillers Stolen

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The Duluth News Tribune reported that a Minnesota nurse was recently found to have stolen hundreds of painkillers from 34 residents of a Ecumen nursing home and short-term rehabilitation center.  The thefts, which occurred undetected over a five-moth period, included the high power painkiller, oxycodone, among other drugs and totaled over 760 pills. The stealing… Continue Reading

LPN Arrested for Narcotic Theft

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In Greenwood, Mississippi, a Leflore County grand jury has indicted a former employee at Golden Age Nursing Home in Greenwood on seven counts of illegally obtaining drugs while on duty. The Greenwood Commonwealth reported that 46-year-old Stephanie Ray Barton is accused of taking painkillers from residents. If convicted, the licensed practical nurse faces up to 35… Continue Reading

Theft of Medications

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An interesting article reported on Minnesota Public Radio that two nurses, at separate facilities, have both been accused of stealing pills from their residents. A nurse in Fairbault facility stole Percocet, while another nurse in Inver Grove Heights stole Oxycodone.  In both cases the perpetrators were reported to the state nursing board by their facility… Continue Reading

Employee Steals Morphine

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The Pittsburg Post-Gazette reported that a Machelle Looney, a staff member from Lynn’s Personal Care Home in Windgap, Pennsylvania has been charged with stealing her residents’ morphine pills.   Morphine is a narcotic used to treat serious pain.   How could anyone take someone else’s needed pain medication especially someone hired to take care of a resident?… Continue Reading

Investigating Prescription Dollars

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ProPublica’s Charles Ornstein and Tracy Weber report that Iowa Republican Sen. Charles Grassley is asking 34 states what steps they are taking to investigate doctors who are prescribing antipsychotics, anti-anxiety drugs and painkillers to Medicaid patients at levels far higher than their peers. For instance, in his letter to Ohio, Grassley notes, "that the top… Continue Reading

Thousands of Lortab Missing

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Oklahoma’s Aden Evening News on reported that thousands of pain pills are missing from Calloway Nursing Home. Police have launched an investigation.  Between 2,000 and 3,000 Lortab pills were discovered missing during a routine state audit.  Why didn’t the nursing home know it was missing the narcotics?  Several employees are suspected of stealing and distributing the… Continue Reading

Criminal Neglect but No Jail Time

Posted in Abuse and Neglect
ABC News out of Chicago, Illinois reported the sentencing of nursing home employee Marty Himebaugh for criminal neglect that led to the death of 6 nursing home residents.  In 2006 six patients died from over-medication of morphine.  Himebaugh, a nurse for Woodstock Residence Nursing Center pleaded guilty to one count of criminal neglect and the five other… Continue Reading

Drug Tampering

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The Republic and The Kansas City Star reported the guilty plea of Melanie Morrison for tampering with and using patients’ morphine syringes to feed her addiction.  Morrison faces three years in prison and rehab.  Patients who were treated by Morrison at Holiday Resort Nursing Facility, who had been prescribed morphine sulfate for various, pain-related medical needs were instead given doses… Continue Reading

Nurse Steals Narcotics From Residents

Posted in Medications, Staffing had an article about a nursing home employee of Alois Alzheimer Center who was arrested for stealing medication from her patients.  Peggy Ballinger faces two counts of theft, deception to obtain dangerous drugs and illegally processing drug documents. "According to court records, Ballinger falsified drug logs at the facility….to steal the powerful painkillers Percocet and Vicodin and… Continue Reading

Facts about Prescription Pills

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Christine Seivers recently published an article “10 Frightening Facts About Prescription Pain Pills” that dovetails well with our audience.  She has asked me to share it. "Prescription pain pills have changed the face of medicine in many good and bad ways. These powerful pills have helped many people manage their pain and increase their quality of… Continue Reading

Staff Stealing Narcotics

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The Duluth News Tribune reported an employee of Cook County Northshore Hospital and Care Center was charged with five felony counts after allegedly removing fentanyl patches from two residents for her own use. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic drug similar to but more potent than morphine, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It is… Continue Reading

Indicted Felon Working on Nursing Home

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The Texas Tribune reported the arrest of nursing home employee Amber Leigh Fox on several felony drug- and non-related warrants. Fox is a 33-year-old nurse at Pine Shadow Retreat Nursing Home.   A deputy took the nurse into custody at her place of employment.  Fox was indicted on four counts of fraudulent possession of a controlled prescription substance… Continue Reading

Employee Arrested for Selling Prescription Drugs

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The Courier Post had an article about another nursing home employee arrested for stealing and selling medications from the residents.  Theresa Walters was employed at Sterling Manor nursing home.  Police said a monthlong investigation by Maple Shade and Cherry Hill authorities revealed that Walters was illegally selling and offering to sell prescription narcotics to several… Continue Reading

“Drug Stupor”

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The Star Tribune had a good article abiout the problem of over-medication of nursing home residents.  Powerful antipsychotic drugs have been used for years to reduce agitation, hallucinations and other debilitating symptoms among people with mental illnesses.  They also are widely used "off label" to quell disruptive behavior among people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms… Continue Reading

Lack of Supervision

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The Times News reported the two year sentence of Summer Brooke Lane, a former nurse at Holston Manor Nursing Home, for stealing painkillers from a patient at the Kingsport nursing home. Lane pleaded guilty to obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, theft $500 or less and abuse of an adult.  Lane deprived a patient of prescribed extended release… Continue Reading

LPN Arrested for Stealing Residents’ Medications

Posted in Medications, Staffing reported the story of the nursing home employee named Andrew Griffith accused of stealing medications from residents.  The Sullivan County Grand Jury indicted the LPN on charges of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a dependent adult, obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, deceit or theft, and theft of property. Nurse Griffith worked at Wexford House Nursing… Continue Reading

Investigation into Morphine Overdose

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The News observer had an article on the investigation into the death of a nursing home resident at Britthaven of Chapel Hill.   Rachel Holliday died in February from toxic levels of morphine in her body.   A medical examiner’s report said Holliday had not been prescribed any opiate painkillers.  The State Bureau of Investigation is looking… Continue Reading

Investigation into Fatal Medication Error

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I read two articles about the fatal medication errors at Britthaven of Chapel Hill.  One article was done by WRAL, and the other article was from News Observer. Several patients tested positive for opiates when there was no order for those medications.  Nine Alzheimer’s patients tested positive for strong pain-control drugs that they weren’t supposed to be receiving. … Continue Reading

Staffing Problems Continue

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There are some great people working at nursing homes, below are not stories about them: had a story about Rhonda Skiver who pled guilty to grand larceny after embezzling more than $163,000 from an upstate New York nursing home where she worked as chief financial officer.  She was struggling to pay off gambling debts and… Continue Reading

Drug dealing in nursing homes

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The Eagel Tribune had an article about a criminal organization running out of a nursing home.  Visitors to Rockingham County Jail brought prescription drugs, including OxyContin and Suboxone, to the county nursing home, where they exchanged the drugs with low-security inmates who worked in the nursing home. Those inmates hid the drugs in their bodies and… Continue Reading

Narcotics in Nursing Homes

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The Washington Post had an ainteresting article about the effect of drug enforcement on nursing home residents receiving pain medications.  Efforts by the Drug Enforcement Administration to crack down on narcotics abuse are producing a troubling side effect by denying some hospice and elderly patients needed pain medication. Tougher enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act,… Continue Reading