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“Understaffed, underpaid, and overworked”

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8 News Now had a great article on the problem of short staffing in the nation’s for profit nursing homes.   Patient advocates and staffing experts say the low minimum numbers required by ambiguous state laws are causing neglect in local facilities. A recent report rates Nevada nursing homes as some of the worst in the country. State inspectors… Continue Reading

Substandard Care is the New Normal

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In a recent report in Wisconsin, 40 nursing homes have been listed as having a ‘substandard quality of care.’  See article at WAOW.  This tag comes with additional federal scrutiny on the homes, many of which have a history of violations and citations. Some were even on the list in 2011, marking them as consistently… Continue Reading

Video Confirms Neglect

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Autumn Healthcare of Zanesville, OH is being shut down by the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine. The 100 bed facility is being closed because of patient neglect. ODH received several complaints from family members about the facility, and entered into an investigation with the families’ permission. They installed several hidden… Continue Reading

Preventable Choking Deaths

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The Hartford Courant reported that another choking death of a nursing home resident. One of the most unnecessary and preventable dangers in nursing homes are food related injuries and deaths as a result of neglect.  Patients who are cognitively impaired and require special diets have become victims of neglect. These patients, in their impaired state, are… Continue Reading

Warning Signs of Neglect and Abuse

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MSN Healthy Living had an article on the 9 warning signs of bad care.  Below is a summary. 1. Marked emotional or physical changes. Look first to your loved one. You should be concerned if she is less able to function as usual, has stopped taking part in activities, or has become withdrawn and uncommunicative.… Continue Reading

Spartanburg Neglect Arrest

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Authorities are investigating the death of a 104-year-old woman they say had been neglected by her son. Demetra Leventis was found at her Spartanburg home lying in her own feces and had fist-sized bed sores filled with maggots.  Leventis was hospitalized for an infection, and later died.  Her 63-year-old son, George Leventis, was arrested and charged… Continue Reading

Neglect at St. Thomas More Facility

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My Fox 5 reported that St. Thomas More, a Maryland nursing home, is accused of deadly neglect of James Franklin because of poor nursing care. St. Thomas More in Hyattsville has an extensive history of health and safety violations. State inspections show the facility was cited for 60 deficiencies in 2010, another 36 last year and… Continue Reading

Cover up of Fall leads to Arrest

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The Journal News/ reported that the family of an elderly woman discovered both the circumstances and the culprits behind her mysterious death. They did not discover that she had died from more than mere natural circumstances until the day of the funeral when they opened the casket and were shocked to see how battered her… Continue Reading

Criminal Neglect Charges

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It was reported by the News Talk 1240 WRTA radio station that three women are facing charges of shameful neglect in their operation of a nursing home in Altoona.  One of them, Sherry Jo Warner, who ran Warner’s Home for the Aged, had her license revoked near the end of last year, and two of… Continue Reading

Burnout and Infections

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NBC had an interesting article about how understaffing leads to poor care including increasing the risk of preventable infections.  Heavy patient loads and chronic burnout have long been among the top complaints of nurses in the healthcare industry.  A new study proves that those problems affect not only the nurses themselves, but also the patients they… Continue Reading

Neglect Leads to Amputation

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Mercury News publised an article from Oakland Tribune about a lawsuit filed by the family of a man neglected at a nursing home run by Fairmont Hospital. In July 2011, after Rahn Hoskia suffered a stroke and lost the use of his right side, he had to be admitted to a nursing home for short term rehabilitation.  However,… Continue Reading

Systematic Neglect

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The L.A. Times reported that the California attorney general Kamala Harris found widespread health and safety problems in nursing homes throughout the state. Inspectors discovered cases of bed sores not being treated properly, patients being given the wrong medication or being over-medicated with psychotropic drugs and residents left in feces and urine for hours. Nursing homes… Continue Reading

Kentucky Nursing Homes

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Today I will discuss a couple of articles I recently read about the growing problem of abuse and neglect in Kentucky nursing homes.  Instead of preventing abuse and neglect and providing good quality care, the nursing home industry is blaming litigation and asking for immunity and arbitrary caps on damages. The first article is from… Continue Reading

“Attempted” Neglect?

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An Ohio news station, NBC 4, reported that a local nursing supervisor have been found guilty of attempted neglect at a Woodsfield nursing home.  What the heck is "attempted" neglect? Kathy Schwaben was employed at Monroe County Care Center when she neglected to assist an injured resident.  The resident was injured when she was a… Continue Reading

$4.5 Million Arbitration Award

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The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported the $4.5 million arbitration award to thehe son of a woman who died following a brief stay at Life Care Center of Las Vegas in a nursing home negligence case.   Greg Halbrook had sued the nursing home, part of the national chain Life Care Centers of America, over the wrongful… Continue Reading

Partnership to Improve Dementia Care

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The below information comes from an interesting article published on the Senior Homes Blog.  A new program hopes to reduce the use of “chemical restraints” in nursing homes.   CMS has launched a program, the Partnership to Improve Dementia Care, that is striving to reduce the use of these drugs and improve the care and overall quality… Continue Reading

Abuse Caught on Tape

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An Oklahoma facility Quail Creek Nursing home claims to be just as outraged as the community concerning two of its employees being arrested for neglect and abuse in April of 2012. Two staff members of Quail Creek, Lucy Waithira Gakunga, 23, and Caroline Kaseke, 28, were caught on video abusing a 96-year old patient. Family… Continue Reading

Videotaped Abuse

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NineMSN fromLondon had an article and disturbing video showing an elderly resident being abused.   Jane Worroll installed a hidden camera after noticing suspicious bruises on her 82-year-old mother’s arms. When she later reviewed the footage, she found it had captured a violent attack on her mother by 30-year-old carer Jonathan Aquino.  Ms Worrol wrote in the Daily Mail… Continue Reading

Criminal Neglect

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Charleston South Carolina’s "Count on News 2" covered a story involving the arrest of Andrea Magwood.  Magwood is the owner of Fair Haven Manor assisted living facility.  She is accused of neglecting residents.  The Friday before her release, new pictures were presented to the bond court judge revealing the deplorable conditions of Magwood’s facility.  Papers from court helped condemn the… Continue Reading

Verdict in Stage 4 Ulcer Case

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On Friday, April 27, 2012, a Colorado jury returned a $3.2 Million verdict against Pioneer Health Care Center (“Pioneer”), a nursing home in Rocky Ford Colorado owned and operated by Grace Health Care.  Grace Healthcare is a Chattanooga, Tenn. company with nursing homes in eight states and a total of 4,000 beds. Henry Frazier developed… Continue Reading

Inadequate Staffing leads to Lawsuits

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An article from Chico Enterprise Record states that lawsuits have been filed in the deaths of two patients of Lifehouse Cypress Healthcare Center.  The families of the late Donald Dey Sr. and Mary Gustavson are suing for negligence, violations of the health and safety code, and wrongful death. The first complaint states that on Jan. 12, 2011, Dey… Continue Reading

Insider Speaks Out

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John Christopher Fine served as senior assistant district attorney in New York County, director of the Organized Crime Task Force, and special counsel to a U.S. Senate investigating committee.  He served as special counsel to the U.S. Senate Aging Committee and investigated fraud and abuse in public assistance programs.  He recently published an article in… Continue Reading

Arrests for Neglect

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Indiana’s The Republic reported the charges of neglect filed against two nursing home employees after 4 emotional years.  Johnnie Esco died in the hands of two caregivers at the El Dorado Care Center March 2008.  Despite significant evidence of wrongdoing, no criminal charges were pursued until last month when two nurses face felony charges for neglect… Continue Reading

Failure to Monitor Glucose Levels

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The Downey Patriot reported the $80,000 fine against Downey Care Center for inadequate care that led to the death of a patient.  According to a report by the state Department of Public Health, a patient at Downey Care Center went into a diabetic coma after the facility failed to check the patient’s glucose level, despite being aware… Continue Reading